The "New" Video Revolution

After about 10 years of astounding dimness, the online media industry is starting to wake up and realize that not only is television not dead, but the future of online advertising revenue is largely going to come from video. The rush to video among online publishers is approaching hysteria. Of course, as usual the marketing […]

Ad Crooks Going To Jail? What To Look For.

According to several reports, the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) report about agency “transparency” (read, misconduct) is due in the next few weeks. Some background: Over three years ago, in a piece called “Time To Clean Out The Stables” I advocated for an investigation of fraud and corruption in online media buying. About a year […]

The Blind Leading The Stupid

The con game that is online advertising took another hit last week as a report surfaced about the cluelessness of big online advertisers. According to a report by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)… “The vast majority of the biggest national advertisers either are only vaguely familiar with or are completely ignorant about the role […]

Flags Communications: One of the top PR agencies in Delhi

An INS accredited Integrated Marcom Agency, Flags Communications provides 360 degree creative solution in PR, Advertising, Marketing and Branding. It is driven by creativity, measurable results, value added services and community service. Seeing the changing pace of Public Relations in India, every brand must decide upon the objectives to promote itself. Top PR companies in […]

Kinda Like Holistic Innovative Thinking

Earlier this week, the great Rich Siegel (soon to be chairman of WPP) unearthed a video on his blog that I can't stop watching. I present it here for your consideration. It is a series of interviews with planners and/or strategists trying to explain something — I'm not really sure what. It is either the […]

Does Content Build Brands?

Last week, Sir John Hegarty of BBH made some very cogent statements about the relative value of content marketing and advertising. This week I was a guest on a marketing podcast that ripped into Hegarty for his comments. I didn't have the time to defend his point of view properly. So here goes. First and […]

6 New Types Of Intelligence

A few decades ago, during the hysteria of the “everyone-is-exceptional” era, hipster psychologists decided that intelligence didn't mean what we thought it meant. They decided you didn't have to be smart to be intelligent. Instead, everyone was intelligent. Even CMOs. You see, all these people we thought of as nitwits just had different kinds of […]

Advertising Eats The World

It's difficult to imagine that there was a time, not long ago, when advertising was said to be “dead.” In 2004, research company Forrester & Co, proclaimed that we had reached “the end of the era of mass marketing.” In 2009, Advertising Age, said “the post-advertising age is under way.”  “Advertising Is Dead,” headlined the […]

Crystal Ball Breakers

If you ever need a good laugh, a surefire place to start is by reading the futuristic bullshit of marketing geniuses. Last week, Ad Age ran the 10,000th  piece on the future of advertising and how agencies need to adapt or die. Yes, it's 2005 all over again. First the writer of the piece sets […]

This Week In Bullshit

One of the essential factors that has lead to the longevity of this blog is our access to the extraordinary abundance and diversity of bullshit in the advertising business. Today we are honoring that heritage with a round-up of some of our favorite recent instances of marketing and advertising drivel. We'll start with McDonald's. Last […]